2014 Show & Share

People's Choice Awards

Novice First Place

Maryann Kuykendall - Hummingbirds

Novice Second Place

Cory Brubaker - Hummingbirds

Novice Third Place

Cory Brubaker - Berries

Intermediate First Place

Anna Smith - Reverie

Intermediate Second Place

Della Johnson - Welcome

Intermediate Third Place

Fran Stevens - Afternoon


Lois Podschadel - Sandpipers & Ocean

Master Second Place

Ann Fraizer -Padded Heart Quilt

Master Third Place

Lathy Pepper - English Rose and Hummingbirds.jpg


Professional Designer First Place and BEST OF SHOW

Nicole Gelinas - Mon Jardin Secret (My Secret Garden)

Professional Designer Second Place

Ruth Griffith - Egrets


Professional Designer Third Place

Jan Krepcik - Mary Mary Crinoline Lady

Professional Non-Designer First Place

Grita Gidner - Chickadee



Professional Non-Designer Second Place

Mendie Cannon -Hanging Bouquet



Professional Non-Designer Third Place

Lorraine Fitzpatrick & Della Johnson - Teddy Bears

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