Seminar 2013

June 10-16, 2013

Concordia University, Portland, Oregon

Seminar 2013 - Tea ,Thyme & Lavender

The events leading up to seminar were filled with many computer errors thanks to my lack of skill but the US Postal Service also threw me a few curves along the way. However, once seminar got rolling we really had a great time. There was much laughter at the antics of the Embroidery Police (thanks to the entertainment committee). The annual meeting was also entertaining thanks to the inability of our president to stay on her “mark” (thanks, Rosalie, for a great meeting). Our teachers worked hard to make sure our classes were fun, challenging and a way for us to get away from it all during the week. Most of the complaints I got were about the facilities being too hot, too cold, too gourmet, too scented or too…whatever. We worked a record number of jigsaw puzzles in the lounge this year which showed that we all appreciated the chance to relax and get away from it all for a week.

It takes many, many people to make seminar a success and I want to thank each and every one of you for your contribution of time, energy and effort. I could not have done it without you.

Mary-E. Crichton
Past Seminar Chair 2013

Photo Memories of Seminar 2013 (click on photo to view larger image)

Seminar Chairman,Mary

Diligently stitching in class

Stitching is happening in every class!

Debbie busted by embroidery police

Kaaren wins a fabulous prize!

Embroidery Police

Gail; relaxing near the scholarship quilt

Girls just want to have fun!

Deck the halls


Queen Mary, Consort Wendy

Teachers Mendie, Charlene, Virginia, Debbie

Welcome tea party

Virginia- guild's founder & friends

Friends meet up

Mini tea time

Big girl panties

Meal Time

Mmmm, floss

Tea, Thyme, and Lavender

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