What is Brazilian Embroidery?

Brazilian embroidery, like all other embroidery, uses stitches that have been known and used for hundreds of years.  The difference is that stitches are chosen for their dimensional qualities, and that most work is done with Z-twisted rayon threads.  Rayon thread has long been the preferred thread for this style of embroidery because of its sheen and smoothness.  Most dimensional stitches, especially the bullion stitch, are easier to make with it because of the thread's smooth texture. 

The use of rayon threads for dimensional embroidery, dyed in bright variegated colors, was developed in Brazil by Mrs. Elisa Hirsch Maia in the 1960's.  More recently, the manufacture of these threads moved to the US and New Zealand, but we continue to honor the origins of this art form with the name Brazilian embroidery.


Education Projects

The November 2014 issue The B.E.Wrap-Up contains several eduational articles - watch for your copy! (Not a member yet, please join!)

Virginia Chapmans "Fine Points from our Founder" gives more detail about "Sneaky Fabric Bite".

M. Charlene Newlin provided instructions for "BE Cloud Puffs", a variation of Suffolk Puffs or Yo-Yos quilting technique. This is a good way to finish doodles tried out for designs.

Tea Time design and instructions provided by Rosalie Wakefield.

Education Projects from The B.E. Wrap-Up Volumes 1-15

Educational projects from The B.E. Wrap-Up newsletter from 1992 to mid 2006 have been collected into a book.  Over the years 31 members, designers, and teachers have contributed a total of 93 projects that are included in this 138-page book.  Pictures, diagrams and traceable patterns are included for most designs.  This is now a PDF E-Book

Proceeds from the sale of these books will go into the scholarship fund.  The books are $15.00, emailed to you .  See our  B.E. Boutique page for ordering  details.  This would make a great gift to your favorite stitcher, a friend, or for yourself. 


Basic Stitches

Here are some of the stitches frequently used in Brazilian embroidery to create the dimensional look.

Bullion    Cast-on Buttonhole    Couching     Detached Buttonhole      Drizzle    Leaf Stitch    Pistil or Long-Tailed French Knot   Stem Stitch

A click on the stitch name will take you to the instructions

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