Design of the Month

BDEIG Design of the Month

This is a special web feature  to help celebrate our 20th year as a guild.  The Design of the Month will only be offered during the next 2 years, or 20 designs.  Each design will be featured for two months, then removed from the web and no longer be available.  These designs are owned by the designer and are copyrighted, but permission has been granted to freely share these designs.  If the design is taught, then the instruction must be offered free of charge.  These free designs are a 20th birthday present to BDEIG members and anyone else interested in Brazilian embroidery.  More designs are available in each issue of The B.E. Wrap-Up, the official publication of BDEIG, available only to members of the Guild. More information about joining BDEIG can be found at  

A new designs will be added about the 15th of each month, if one has been submitted.  Watch for new ones after the 15th, and if you want a copy of the current one, be sure to save it before the 15th. 

*** It has been a while. Check back soon --- we have a well-known designer working on something for us now. ***

Click on the design name for the PDF pattern.

Evelyne Wahl designed the Old Garden Wall, and she has generously given this design to BDEIG to use as a Design of the month. Evelyne taught this design several times at Seminar. It is one of her most popular designs. The design remains copyrighted by Evelyne and can not be taught for profit without explicit permission. Note that she suggests the general color and lets the person doing the stitching make final selections.











Maria Frietas donated the pattern for the beautiful Pinwheel Rose which shows off the luster of the rayon threads used in B.E. This pattern will not be available for download much longer.



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