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CalgaryContact:  Ruth Motyka 

British Columbia

Black Creek: VIBES. Tuesdays 10-2, Black Creek Hall. Contact:  Darlene McLellan

Port Coquitlam: Bullion Babes. Wednesdays. Contact:  Joan Harrison

Vancouver Island: VINES (Vancouver Island Nice and Easy Stitchers). Contact:  Marj Horton

Vernon: Ogopogo Stitchers 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. Contact:  Mary Kurbis


Port Colborne: PC Lighthouse Stitchers. Contact:  Pauline Richard



BDEIG Online Chapter: Contact:  Sherry Johnson or Charlene Newlin

Site link:

BDEIG Cyber Chapter: Contact:  Rosalie Long

Site link:



Palmer: Stitches in Time. Contact:  Mella Eastman


Yuma: Yuma-Hummers. River Front RV Park. Contact:  Gleta Perry

Sun City: Bell BE Belles. Fridays noon-3pm, Bell Club House. Contact:  LaRene Garmize


Bellflower: Knotty Stitchers. 2nd Thursday 12:30-3:00. Contact:  Evelyn DeVries

Paradise: Paradise Brazil Embroiderer. 1st Sunday. Contact:  Jean Sherwood

Thousand Oaks: Gab-N-Stitch. 1st Wednesday. Contact:  Anna Grist

Walnut Creek: DEARS. 4th Saturday. Contact:  Carolyn Horvath or Phyllis Friesen


Castle Rock: Heavenly Stitchers. 2nd and 4th Saturday,3rd Tuesday,Wednesday. Contact: Pam Cole

Colorado Springs: Enchanted Needlers. 3rd Wednesday. Contact: Collette Hoelting

Denver: Colorado Brazilian Embroidery Guild. 1st Saturday. Contact: Christine Hause


Largo: Hurricane Stitchers. Contact: Joy DiMarco or   Agnes Davis

St. Petersburg: DBELA Stitchers. Tuesday PM, Saturday AM. Contact:  Debbie Goff


North Idaho: BEES. Tuesdays and 2nd Saturday. Contact:  Susan Jones


Billings: B-BES. Contact:  Sandy Velin


Las Vegas: Silver State Wrappers. 2nd and 3rd Saturday, 10-2. Contact:  Kaaren Arndt

Reno: Nevada's Best. Contact:  Maureen Zimmerman

New York

Canton: North Country Stitchers. Thursdays, 10-Noon. Contact:  Alma Garner

Jamestown: B.A.B.E.S.(Brazilian Art Beautiful Embroidery Stitches. 2nd Tuesday 6pm. Contact:  Frieda Dewey

Johnstown: Royal BE's. Fridays at Johnstown Library. Contact:  Jean Quick

Poughkeepsie: Twisted Stitchers. 4th Monday. Contact:  Joan Artz or Lynn Schamberger

North Dakota

Hunter (Fargo): Elegant Stitchers. Tuesday, 1:45 PM. Contact:  Cheryl Schuler


Grants Pass: SOCS. Tuesdays. Contact:  Jinx Shearer

Portland Area (Canby): WOW. 2nd Tuesday daytime. Contact:  Ruby Scruggs

Portland Area (Tigard): WOW. 4th Friday. Contact:  Bonnie Fletcher

Roseburg: B.E.S.T. 1st and 3rd Fridays. Contact:  Debbie Kelley

Central Oregon: Why Knots? 2nd Thursdays. Contact:  Mary Sawyer

South Carolina

Seneca: V.I.N.E.S Upstate Stitchers. 2nd Saturday. Contact:  Linda Duryea


Dickinson: GAL.BABES. Thursdays. Contact:  Charlotte Walker


Marysville: Doodle BELLS. 3rd Saturday. Contact:  Joan Stevens

Port Angeles/Sequim: Juan de Fuca. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays AM. Contact:  Joanne Morrison

Seattle Area: BELLS. 2nd Saturday. Contact:  Pat Campbell or Loretta Holzberger

Spokane: Inland Empire What-Knots 4th Saturday. Contact:  Janis Krepcik

Wenatchee: The Valley Girls 2nd Tuesday. Contact:  Ardella Edwards



A click on any contact person's name will have you on the road to emailing her for more information.

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Starting a New Chapter

Members are encouraged to form local chapters to share their interest in Brazilian embroidery with others who live nearby.

As a new/beginning embroiderer (or even a more-experienced one),  the ability to connect with other embroiderers who share your enthusiasm and of whom you can ask questions, is a big key to learning (stitches, techniques, solutions that are not obvious to a beginner). And connected to this are good learning resources, whether in the form of stitch dictionaries, stitching groups (or a friend or relative) and of course, online learning resources.

The Guild suggests that chapters make as few "rules" as possible.

It is important to set a regular meeting date and place that is convenient for the members. Small groups often meet in members' homes, but as they grow a larger community space may be needed.

Officers are optional, but someone needs to be in charge of keeping the chapter "organized". Some groups have several officers like president, secretary, treasurer and newsletter editor. Others just have a chairman.

Some groups send out a monthly newsletter. Others just remind members of the upcoming meeting by e-mail.

Chapter dues are optional and strictly up to the group. Some collect dues to pay for chapter newsletters, meeting space, or special workshops. Other chapters may have fundraising activities instead of dues, and still others do both.

Chapters pay no dues or fees to BDEIG. However, individual BDEIG membership by all chapter members is encouraged.

Most chapters spend part of each meeting on a "lesson". Many use the education pages from the BDEIG newsletter for group learning experiences, and members of groups usually take turns presenting lessons. It is unfair to expect the most knowledgeable member of a group to do all the teaching free of charge.

Workshops can be planned with an outside "traveling" teacher. Class fees are negotiated between the chapter and the teacher. Travel expenses and accommodations are generally expected by the teacher in addition to class and kit fees.

Chapters should send news of their activities, meeting times and contact person to the BDEIG newsletter editor regularly so new people in their area can find them and join the chapter.

If you do not have a chapter near you, do consider joining an cyber/online chapter

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